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John Wayne Gacy dressed as Pogo picture signed and dated in the back DEC 1978!!!

Original picture of John Wayne Gacy, dressed as Pogo the clown, it is fully signed in the back and dated DEC 1978, Gacy was arrested that same month!!!

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David Koresh 1968 Camaro Custom Novelty Collectible Car 1:64 Scale

David Koresh 1968 Camaro Custom Novelty Collectible Car1:64 Scale Custom Hotwheel *** Driven by Koresh daily 1968 Camaro with 427 cubic inch motor seized by federal agen...

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Jeffrey Dahmer “Milwaukee Cannibal” Inmate ID Card In Collector’s Case * Prototype By Horrible Humans Crime Cards

Jeffrey Dahmer Inmate ID Card Collector Case High quality prototype by Horrible Humans Crime Cards 

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JEFFREY DAHMER Authentic Relic In Collector’s Case

Jeffrey Dahmer Authentic Relic Relic In Collector’s Case ~ Relic from his childhood home, the property he killed his first victim. COA on back 

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