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Judas Priest Suicide Shotgun

The shotgun used by the two boys in the Judas Priest trial.  Court Exhibit tag attached, blood on barrel and expended shell in camber. 

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ONE OF A KIND,  Extensive Collection of Mark David Chapman Correspondence from "The Prisoners Letter"Too much to put it all on here. This is a MUST HAVE for The Serious ...

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NATHAN GALE Autograph Murderer of DIMEBAG DARRELL Signed Twice *Rare*

Nathan Gale murdered Dimebag Darrell and 3 others before being shot dead by CPD

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GG Allin autographed cassette tape insert DECEASED

Signed Freaks, Faggots, Drunks & Junkies cassette tape insert with Merle Allin dreadlock cut.

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R. Budd Dwyer Promotional Leather Wallet

Best known for his live TV suicide, this wallet was given out to donors on his campaign for treasurer of Pennsylvanian.

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Charles Manson Death Shroud Swatch Framed with 4x6 in. photo

Charles Manson Death Shroud Swatch with framed 4x6 in. photo. Swatch may slightly differ than photo above.

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ASTROWORLD FESTIVAL 2021 Tragic Event Nov. 5-6th Admission Wristband

ASTROWORLD FESTIVAL 2021Tragic Event November 5-6th Admission Wristband/Bracelet 

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CHARLES MANSON “Music Rock” Relic In Case

Charles Manson “Music Rock” Relic In Case In 1969 when music producer Terry Melcher visited Spahn’s movie ranch. He auditioned Charles Manson, while Manson sat and...

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