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GG Allin autographed cassette tape insert DECEASED

Signed Freaks, Faggots, Drunks & Junkies cassette tape insert with Merle Allin dreadlock cut.

Hellflorist (860 )

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Dimebag Darrell Alrosa Villa Columbus Ohio The Other Paper 2004

This paper is very rare!!  Alrosa Villa The Other Paper Dec 16.  There's a lot of articles about Dimebag and the tragedy. This item will be shipped rolled up in a poste...

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R. Budd Dwyer Promotional Leather Wallet

Best known for his live TV suicide, this wallet was given out to donors on his campaign for treasurer of Pennsylvanian.

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DAMAGEPLAN Dimebag Darrell Alrosa Villa Authentic Ticket Stub 12/8/2004

Authentic Damageplan Ticket Stub from the night Dimebag Darrell was murdered and a piece of Block from the building when it was demolished in 2021.

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ONE OF A KIND,  Extensive Collection of Mark David Chapman Correspondence from "The Prisoners Letter"Too much to put it all on here. This is a MUST HAVE for The Serious ...

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DAMAGEPLAN Dimebag Darrell Alrosa Villa Authentic Used Band Cooler 12/8/2004 Columbus Ohio

Damageplan's used cooler from Alrosa Villa 12-8-04

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NATHAN GALE Autograph Murderer of DIMEBAG DARRELL Alrosa Villa Signed Twice *Rare*

Nathan Gale murdered Dimebag Darrell and 3 others before being shot dead by CPD

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Dimebag Darrell Alrosa Villa Back Door Band Entrance To The Stage DAMAGEPLAN

Alrosa Villa Band Entrance to the stage back door. Please message me with any questions. Thanks!

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Judas Priest Suicide Shotgun

The shotgun used by the two boys in the Judas Priest trial.  Court Exhibit tag attached, blood on barrel and expended shell in camber. 

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Charles Manson Death Shroud Swatch

Charles Manson Death Shroud 1x1 in. SwatchThis is an authentic piece of the sheet that covered Manson’s dead body for 4 months. Obtained from Manson’s next of kin. 1x...

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Marilyn Monroe Pop Art Painting

This is a painting part of a collection titled “Blondes Have More Fun” showcasing the brutal and tragic deaths of iconic blonde women in the entertainment industry. 

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