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Frequently Asked Questions

Murder Auction is an online auction house that specializes primarily in the sale of true crime related memorabilia. Here you will find the largest and most diverse selection of true crime related items offered ANYWHERE in the world. True crime related memorabilia is just that, "memorabilia" that relates to crime, commonly found in the form of letters, artwork, and personally owned items from convicted murders. You will also find crime scene related items (dirt, rocks, crime scene tape, etc.), books, magazines, documentary movies, true crime trading cards, and the list goes on and on. Men and women all over the world have a keen interest in true crime. It is the goal of Murder Auction to offer a friendly and reputable environment for collectors and dealers of true crime memorabilia.
No. The United States of America was founded on the principle of free enterprise. We are a capitalist society. It's no more illegal to sell a letter from an inmate than it is to sell a pair of shoes. It's not illegal in this country to sell your personal property, period.
No. Some states have "notoriety for profit laws" which prevent inmates from profiting directly from their crimes, but even that is unconstitutional being inmates have the right to sell their respective stories. However, even in many of those states there are inmate hobby craft/artwork programs that allow convicted criminals (murderers, child molestors, rapists, etc.) to produce artwork and sell it either in prison hobby craft shops, prison museums, or through the mail.
Speaking for Murder Auction, NO inmate has a direct account here. Inmates do not have access to the world wide web. To suggest that inmates are selling their artwork online is ludicrous, period.
Morality is a subjective issue. What might be "wrong" for one person might not be "wrong" for another. When you think about it this is no different than the networks and authors who focus on true crime related stories. Let's get real honest here for just a minute, the networks doing stories on serial murders or prison life (often showing graphic crime scene photos or violent prison surveillance videos) aren't doing it for anything as noble as the victim's families. They are doing it to make money, period. The same goes for true crime authors, at the end of the day, they are making a buck.
As for the families of victims, we DO NOT solicit nor invite them to our web-site. Obviously this hobby isn't for victim's families, much like a Judeo-Christian church group wouldn't plan an outing to an adult entertainment convention. We'd like to take a moment to point out that it's the victim advocate groups that contact victims, fabricating that this hobby is a half of a million dollar a year industry (a figure that couldn't be farther from the truth, mind you) with inmates pocketing thousands of dollars from sales. It's lies like these which rip open old wounds, reminding the families of periods in their lives that most are trying to move on from. This IS NOT a half a million dollar a year industry, period. If it is, that money ISN'T being made here!

To become a registered member of Murder Auction simply click on REGISTER and follow the prompts. There is a one time $10.00 fee for registration that affords lifetime access to the site.

Once you are a registered member you may list as many auctions as you wish. There are no commissions or additional fees taken by Murder Auction. Auction duration is set by the seller. There is an automatic auction relist option (20 maximum). When listing an item you might find that your photo(s) don't load with your auctions. This happens from time to time. Simply go to the EDIT AUCTION option and reload your photo(s). Sellers are expected to contact winning bidders within 72 hours of an auction closing.

Before you place a bid on an auction it is advisable that you contact the seller with any questions you might have. Basic questions such as acceptable payment options, shipping methods, shipping and handling prices, etc. should all be settled prior to bidding. This will make for a smooth transaction.

There is zero tolerance for non-paying bidders here. If you bid on an item and do not pay for it your account will be suspended. Please, don't place a bid unless you intend to buy the item you are bidding on.

After winning an auction please contact the seller through the web-site's messaging system to finalize payment and shipping details. Sales are handled between buyer and seller.
Murder Auction is self-policed by both the administration and its members. Many of the most experienced collectors of true crime memorabilia use this web-site. Suspect items are quickly reported and carefully looked into. If it is concluded that an item is likely a forgery it is removed.

Any item that is not relevant to true crime, historical events related to dark points in history (i.e. wars, assassinations, gangster era, slavery, outlaw gunman, etc.), movie props and memorabilia related to horror films, or the occult is prohibited. There are three exceptions to this rule. Photographs of a victim's children or an offender's children will not be allowed. Any item directly related to the cemetery burial plot of a victim will not be allowed. Any item directly related to the victims of the September 11, 2001 attack on the United States of America will not be allowed.

Sellers are not allowed to list their personal contact information, such as email addresses, in auctions. Members must first contact a seller through the web-site.

Annual banner placement fees for bands is $40.00. All other web-sites will be charged $50.00 annually. Banners are subject to approval. Musical groups or web-sites that promote animal cruelty, racial or religious bigotry will not be considered.

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