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Mar. 28, 2015
3/28/2015 The Picassos of Serial Killers: Taking Bids at Murder Auction
Mar. 16, 2015
3/15/2015 The Darkness Within Radio Presents: Serial Killers (with William Harder & Lea Rodger)
Mar. 08, 2015
3/5/2015 At Mad Mobster's peculiar crossroads of real and imagined horrors
Feb. 25, 2015
2/16/2015 Convention Coverage: Mad Mobster True Crime and Horror Expo
Feb. 25, 2015
2/15/2015 Website sells 'murderabilia' it claims belong to Conn. home invasion killer
Feb. 21, 2015
2/15/2015 'Murderabilia' is the star at Mad Mobster Chicago
Nov. 21, 2014
11/7/2014 Texas Won't Let Murderabilia Dealer G. William Harder Hang Around Death Row Anymore
Nov. 08, 2014
11/7/2014 'Murderabilia' site gets man banned from prisons
Nov. 08, 2014
10/30/2014 Online auction plans to sell dragging-death memorabilia
Oct. 30, 2014
10/29/2014 James Byrd killers' 'murderabilia' auction brings grim memories to family
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About Us

About Us
In May of 2001 a popular online auction website banned the sale of items deemed offensive, including true crime memorabilia. It would be almost four years for crime related auctions to once again hit the world wide web. Created in January 2005 by Tod Bohannon and currently operated by William Harder, Murder Auction was the first website of its kind offering a unique assortment of letters, paintings, and hobby craft items created primarily by American serial killers from a number of dealers. It wasn't long before Murder Auction became the focus of world media, bringing into the spot light a hobby virtually unknown to the general public. Despite sharp criticism from victim advocacy groups and numerous spin-off sites that spawned in its wake, Murder Auction is the world's leading true crime memorabilia auction house.

It is the goal of Murder Auction to offer a friendly and reputable environment for collectors and dealers of true crime memorabilia.

Collect the unexpected!

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