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REDRUM'S AUTOGRAPHS (618) Verified Seller
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SERIOUS COLLECTORS WITH A SERIOUS OFFERS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME... ''This lot includes the best findings related to true crimes most notorious cases and was collected over a decate. It's now all available in one auction for the serious true crime collector.''

1) Teodore Kaczinski display including a prison owned book by ''the unabomber'' stamped by maximum security facility and signed in full by him on the inside page. An original envelope from the U.S justice departement is also included with a mugshot of Mr. Kaczynski and unique letter on a nice caligraphy stationnary mentionning the book he just read and sent signed numerous times and original handwritten manila envelope that was used to ship this same book also signed in full.

2) Charles Manson original piston door holder to the Spahn Ranch where Manson family members spent lots of their time stamped Manson Family, came from the Manson Museum this will also come with an original 8 inch handmade black string spider by Charles Manson and original envelope from Corcoran prison signed by Charkes Manson making a very beautiful and unique Manson display. Also a 500$ Monopoly bill will be included signed in full Charles Manson and an original prison polaroid signed in full Charles Mac Manson will be included.

3) Theodore Robert Bundy original ''Co-Ed killer'' court witness subpoena document from late 70's related to the Chi-Omega murders, case : 78-670-CF including 4 names of students that are taking the witness stand from this same sorority house. This document has numerous signatures including a full signature from the Deputy Clerk Charlotte w. Lewis , Sheriff Leon couty Ken Katsaris, Deputy Sheriff J F. Barrow and Theodore Robert Bundy as his own attorney. It's stamped by Leon Couty and dated from 1978 . Ted Bundy would be executed on Jan 1989 for the murder of Kimberly Leach and for the Chi-Omega murders. Included is also 10 pages court document Motion for stay of Clemency hearing on lined paper from 1985 fully handwritten by Ted Bundy signed numerous times in full (total of 4 times) and also stamped by the Leon County clerk circuit. This was used to push and delay his execution. Very unique and detailed including the original envelope from Clerk Circuit Ct. from the Leon County courthouse.

4) Eward Gein original display from the ''Ghoul of Wisconsin'' including two pictures in black and white of him going into the crime laboratory to be fingerprinted and an original set of typed envelope and Birthday card from July 1983 by Ed Gein sent to Eleonor Purcells signed in in black ink fully Edward Gein.

5) Jeffrey Dahmer original handwritten postcard by ''Milwaukee cannibal'' from June 1983 signed Jeff with original out-of-print bloody comic book making a superbe display.
Also included an original wisconsin stamped manila cut envelope 3 x 5 in size signed in full Jeff Dahmer with original full prison address penned in his hand.

6) Albert Fish original ''Vampire of Brooklyn'' 1935 court document stamped supreme court county of estchester showing evidence taken by police from his house. This document will have a direct result to confirming he was the author of the letter sent to the Budd's and will lead to his arrest and execution in 1936 on Sing Sing's electric chair.

7) John Hinckley original handwritten letter talking about Jodie Foster used in court as evidence against him and numered on the back with original handwritten envelope also used in court and signed by John Hinckley. A unique piece of art will be included: an original once seazed by FBI secret agents portrait of Jodie Foster in pencil sketch that he asked a penpal to do for him. This is the original one and there is a copy in the Fbi's file of this same piece. You will get the original business card of the secret agent that seazed these items and also a letter from secret agent Bennett saying the items will be shortly returned. You will get a copy of the subpoena used to have access to these items by the FBI case number : 81-306. You will finally get an original letter from the department of treasury from the secret service and special agent Griffin to thank the person concerned for helping with the John Hincley case by providing these items. The letter is signed in full Richard J. Griffin. The original envelope for this letter is typed but included and has a Department of tresuary special stamp on it. John Hinckley was kept behind bars and numerous articles from 1988 related to these items surfaced and they will also be included.

8) Gary Heidnik's '' Brother Bishop'' original handwritten 5 pages letter with artwork talking about his victims and many details about the whole story from when they were cuffed in the basement until their death. He would name his victim numerous times while he is writting making references to trial transcripts and method used with lots of details. He also draws the chains and hole and board that covered the hole. This letter is dated from April 27 1999 , signed numerous times and comes with the original handwritten envelope also signed in full with complete address penned in his hand. Also included a Gary Heindik owned and signed ''Cellar of Horror'' softcover book with a full first page letter signed in full. Also written on the inside with some FBI agent names and phone numbers and parts of the book is underlined. Finaly, a handrawn graphic showing AMP and energy voltage is drawn by him showing the frequency he used on his victims.

9) Issei Sagwa once dubbed ''the godfather of cannibalism''original display including a huge 10 x 14 pastel artwork portrait showing him as a victim dead. His corpse is facing of a victim looking like Renee Hartvelt and the victim is decapitated staring at him , also done with a collage by him you will see another female and himself. You will see his hair affixed by him on this piece! This piece is signed on front and has japanese writting on the back then signed a second time in full. Also included is a vial with some blood samples, another with sperm sample, a third with nail sample, also included his pubic hair and personnal used chopsticks, and 9 x9 handprint in red ink also signed in full....all of these items are Sagawa's and guarenteed authentic for life!
10) Michael Bruce Ross original deathrow prison shirt and watch worn during his time on deathrow and during execution. These were sent to his wife after the execution and come from with a letter from her signed in full backing these items for life. These were kept from 2005 and when she was ready to part with them we bought them directly from her. An original personnal prison bible that he also owned till last minute before he was executed was also sent to her with a full page message penned to his wife signed Michael. These items were received by Susan Powers after his execution and just reading the final message he wrote her in the bible gives you chills. These are the closest collectible we've got related to an execution of a notorious criminal!

11) Richard Ramirez '' The Night Stalker'' original satanic bible owned and read on deathrow with full 3 x 5 COA from his wife Doreen Ramirez and two original 9 x 12 artwork of a kid flashing a pentagram with an evil face and the second one is from a big iron mask with a moon both signed in full Richard Ramirez - Night Stalker - This is really a nice study and rare occasion to take a deep look into the mind of a serial killer. A killer display, again you won't be disapointed. All drawings are done in black ink.

12) John Wayne Gacy original 1978 P.D.M check signed in full John Wayne Gacy with original court pass signed in full ( The only one in existance that remains intact and that is signed) sent to his main art dealer and come with an original polaroid also signed J.W with a note on it. Very unique considering this is most probably the only court pass he ever signed. The P.D.M checks pre-arrest that are signed in full are also pretty scarce out there.

13) Kenneth Bianchi - Angelo Buono An original ''Hillside stranglers'' personnal High School yearbook owned by Kenneth Bianchi with his name penned on the first page and numerous notes written by friends, teachers and principal. Included his original security guard badge from his last job kept with original handwritten note and COA from his mother. Also, 2 (8 x 10) of Ken Bianchi as a elementry graduate and on his first communion. These were original ones put on the wall in his house. Last original greeting card with original envelope by Angelo Buono both handwritten and signed.

14) Danny Harold Rolling original prison rosary in plastic vial sent with a handwritten letter signed and a 4 x 5 drawing of the rosary also signed. Comes with an original Grim Reaper artwork confession depicting him as the Grim Reaper flying over his 8 victims also very detailed and nicely drawn signed in full Danny Rolling.

15) Peter Sutcliffe 1981 handrawn artwork with a handwritten poem ''Titled Time IS'' signed PWS81.This also comes with original book were this piece was published. Last, included with a letter and envelope from him also handwritten.

16) James Huberty original 4 pages notorized document stamped and notorized with 6 signatures in total including James Huberty and His wife Etna Huberty.

17) Jim Jones original people's temple envelope with a superbe Gov. Leo Ryan signed picture killed by Jim Jones men when he was doing an investigation on the people's temple and original Jim Jones Pamphlet and The Crussade LP in superbe condition.
18) Joel Rifkin original 35 mm film cell negative diplay sheet pre-arrest taken for a project back in 1979 with over 20 (35 mm negatives) signed on top of the plastic in his hand Copyright 1979 J. Rifkin. The earliest signature and most amazing collection of owned negatives taken from Joel Rifkin's camera.
19) David Berkowitz '' The Son of Sam'' original 1979 document signed in full with original handwritten envelope. Also, an original typed poem from late 80's signed also in full David Berkowitz. Last a religious pamhplet with original religious card also signed.
20) Saddam Hussein original iraqi document signed in full and dated
21) Benito Mussolini original Italian document signed by the King of Italy Victorio Emmanuel III and by Mussolini from the 1930's.

Over 85 items in total from rare notorious cases.....

*All items are in prestine condition and guarenteed authentic for life and unique. These are in the best true crime collectible displays you will see in a long time offered together!

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